I have been a professional photographer in Dallas, Texas, for almost 20 years.  I started as a newspaper photographer prior to operating my own photographic services company and continue to shoot editorial work today, although limited.  Additionally, I have photographed many events too numerous to mention, but a short list will include:  SuperBowls, NBA Finals, World Series, NCAA Finals, Kentucky Derbys, NASCAR Races, and Stanley Cups.


Executive portraiture is one of my specialties.   I make portraits of hundreds of executives every year.  These portraits are both environmental and in the studio. I offer digital editing after the session to enhance the portrait to the subjects specifications.


Covering Corporate events and functions are one of my favorites. Working within the corporate structure is where I feel most comfortable. There are no events too large, or too small…from the smallest ground-breaking to the largest awards banquet, I have photographed them all. I have access to many news organizations and the ability to work on-site for deadline photo distribution. I work closely with many public affairs and communications offices to help provide news images for the release of a product or a program.


In an effort to keep my work current, the majority of images displayed on this website have been made within the last 24 months. However, if there is a particular genre of photograph you would like to view, please do not hesitate to contact me. Over the years I have shot millions of images, so chances are I will have an example for you.


Professional video services available upon request.